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BVI have a clear understanding of the security requirements of those that have special items that need above average protection for their precious property. Whether it be jewellery, antique items, bullion or precious metals, or cash for that matter. Whatever it is, if it requires special Vault Security BVI have the cover that overseers a possible loss should an event occur at the Vault site including Private Envelope Insurance.

BVI have obtained the best policy coverage available from it’s various insurers at Lloyds of London to meet the requirements of a Vault Box occupier. All items within the Vault Box are covered for Loss or Damage of every description, subject to the normal terms and conditions of the Lloyds Policy. Theft of course is of main concern and the cover is for 100% of the value Sum Insured nominated by the Vault Box occupier.

Extra Extensions when needed!

BVI are aware that there are times when an item (such as Jewellery) may be required to be removed from the Vault Box and possible even worn to a function. BVI’s policy can be extended to cover such a situation when required. Further BVI can also include Transit cover to and from the Vault Box when such transfers require extra security.

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